We owned a restaurant called Fabulous Food. We catered lunches and always included cookies! Over time we were asked to deliver just cookies   -   Eight
years later no more lunches.
We launched Fabulous-Cookies in March 2006
and never looked back!

Our head baker, Jeff is responsible for putting all those chips in our Famous Fabulous Chocolate Chip Cookies! Alumni of SMU with a degree in business, Jeff has been involved with many different disciplines - From Steak and Ale to Lonestar Steel. Jeff moved to Longview to be with his bride Catherine, and together they opened their business Fabulous Food - now Fabulous-Cookies.

Never goes anywhere without a dozen! A native to Longview, she is a devoted wife and mother to Meredith and Shelby. She has her hands full with cookies, marketing and of course, Jeff.
Eating cookies all his life... he is the brother and business partner to Chef Jeff. James is a classically trained artist residing in New York City. James keeps the orders coming by always traveling with a box of chocolate chip to share. For all of you who know him - this is the source. 

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