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Everyone deserves a cookie now and then! And we have the perfect cookies for you. Fabulous-Cookies in Longview, TX makes delectable homemade cookies to order. Our melt-in-your-mouth cookies are perfect for wedding favors, office parties and holiday treats. Everyone you know will love a fresh homemade cookie.

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Life is defined by its delicious moments

For over a decade, Fabulous-Cookies has been making homemade cookies for residents of the Longview, TX area. Our family is dedicated to quality and taste. Ours have been labeled "the best cookies" over and over by the community, and we work hard to include just the right combination of chocolate chips, cinnamon and pecans.

Contact our cookie store today to learn more about our homemade cookies and get dietary info.

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The Best Cookie is the One You Share

There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a warm, freshly-baked cookie. Fabulous-Cookies makes homemade cookies fresh each day, so you know you're getting sweetness in every bite. Our delicious cookies are:

Made from family recipes

Made from family recipes

Our homemade cookies are like no other. They come from a family recipe that we've perfected through the years.

Made using American ingredients

Made using American ingredients

We use American-made ingredients of the freshest quality to ensure our cookies have deeply satisfying flavor.

Made to order (One Dozen Minimum)

Made to order (One Dozen Minimum)

You can order cookies by the half-dozen, dozen or two dozen online or over the phone, Monday-Friday.

Visit our cookie store in Longview, TX today to place your order; call 903-758-9505.